A truly remarkable 7” x 50" ring gauge
A mild to medium cigar professionally made with careful blending, hand bunching and binding of the highest quality possible of Don Rigo. Dominican Republic tobacco insures an easy draw and a slow even burn. The gorgeous flawless Indonesian wrapper used on Don Rigo Churchills gives a truly well finished look to this cigar. It is as professional looking and as good as and better than the high-priced boutique cigars without the ridiculous price. 
Don Rigo Churchills "cruise" excellently and the taste becomes more full-bodied without the least trace of bitterness or harsh flavor. A real "smoke it down almost to the cigar band" cigar. A very interesting complex flavor from beginning to end with a tasty, pleasant, nostalgic finish. 


A smooth 5 1/2" X 52" ring gauge smoke

Yet another perennial favorite with Don Rigo customers is the Torpedoes.This 51/2" X 52 ring gauge smoke is a bit more fulsome than our Churchill's while still retaining that smooth smoke that Don Rigo is so noted for. This style also comes in all of the above mentioned wrapper color variations. A welcome addition to the flavor of a snifter of brandy or perhaps a hearty cup of Earl Grey tea or a mug of Cappuccino.

Future plans for the torpedoes include prototypes and experiments using our basic filler-binder recipe with the more exotic and tasty wrapper of Sumatra wrappers.
25 in a box


A Commanding A 50" X 6"
Cigar that promises a satisfying flirtation with a memorable pleasant finish. offerings t a very pleasant companionship for the time they are part of our evening or morning.

A drive to work with a Toro may not smooth out the personality of a cranky boss or make the “grind” any more fun but it will make the drive there more bearable. It will make the commute home an “airlock experience.” as well.

As with all our other shapes and sizes the Toro are available in our usual wrappers. And as with the others plans are to have our Toro wrapped in our more exotic wrappers as well.

An accompanying drink? On the morning drive (nothing with alcohol, please---we really value our customers as good friends!) but a good mug of coffee would be just the thing to open the eyes and get the Ole ticker going for the day.
25 In a box

Double-wrap Churchill

The double wrap cigar that promises a satisfying flirtation with a memorable pleasant finish. offerings they do promise a very pleasant companionship for the time they are part of our evening or morning.As with all the double wrapped which are Connecticut and Maduro
2nd in Command 50" x 7"


New Kid on the Block
Rasputin are our newest completed addition to our line. The 52" ring gauge by 6 " are an exquisite medium to medium cigar in a Connecticut wrapper and dip in Hennessy to fulfill the taste and aroma of a cigar for champions enthusiasts called Rasputin making it an a fine accompaniment

Rubusto Small

Little bro with a punch 4”x 50 ring gauge

The 50” ring gauge X 4”, the Rubusto sibling,  with a little something more for by the cigar enthusiast is called for this is the one to try. Presently they are available in only the maduro wrapper but plans are to have them available in our whole range of wrapper colors. Cognac definitely or possibly one of the lighter liqueurs is a fine accompaniment for a Robusto small. A glass of Grappa is just spectacular too!