A Careful Process

Tobacco Leaves

Don Rigo process is a craft that is hand down through generations, using the finest seeds and leafs. 

Our experience extends back for three generations in our family and has been a source of pride and family honor for that long. Our present head of manufacture and quality assurance, Don Jose, inherited his expertise and love of the business from his father who in his turn inherited the knowledge from his father. Though his father is no longer associated actively with the business he still does provide a standard for all of Don Rigo’s employees and administration to look to for inspiration. Occasionally he also provides a strict overview of the whole process and makes sure that the standards he set are still being adhered to. He is after all, “El Patrone”!

Quality control for Don Rigo cigars starts with the select and proven leaf grown for taste from seeds carefully selected over many generations with an impressive knowledge base in the agricultural process of growing fine cigar tobacco leaf.


Don Rigo cigars are constructed of only the finest cubano and piloto tobaccos grown form our own seeds that have been imported many years ago. The acclimatization of these seeds after many years of care, observation and experimentation has given a distinct wonderful taste that only the soil of the Dominican Republic can. Don Rigo, however, does recognize that taste can vary and to that end we do import the finest various wrapper leaves from outside of the Dominican Republic. Connecticut, Cameroon, Nicaragua and several others are some of our main suppliers. We, of course grow our own unique wrapper leaf for those connoisseurs who demand an all Dominican “puro” experience. Once again if you haven’t tried our product yet give yourself a very rewarding experience. Light up one of our many shapes and relax with a satisfying and enjoyable product produced with family pride and care for over three generations. For those of you that have already had the distinct pleasure of sampling our fine line ofcigars welcome back. We are pleased and proud to have you as friends and customers

"After lighting the cigar I could taste a bit coffee and some smooth leather but all in a very creamy way. At about a quarter of the cigar there was a hint of cacao although all flavors are so creamy that it’s hard to discover a real flavor, there are several flavors that I could taste, but none I could name and in this case it’s a compliment. It is a very smooth, medium bodied cigar, a wonderful creation which shows that non Cubans can be just as satisfying as Cubans" 
Dr. Steve consigliers

Video interview of Don Rigo sharing some history of Don Rigo Cigars