man smoking cigar
A carefully manufactured high quality cigar with deep roots in Dominican Republic

Smoking a cigar is simply more then just a relaxing hobby among the company of friends, it exemplifies status..Don Rigo

Using only home grown seeds passed down through Generations 

Tobacco Farmer

If you have never tried one of our fine cigars you’re in for a very pleasurable taste and treat. That’s a promise from all of us here at Don Rigo. we know you will enjoy our product and the work and careful quality control that goes into the making of our product.

Cigar Family



Come and meet the cigar family products from the Don Rigo family

Our Process


Cigar Rolling

Quality control for Don Rigo cigars starts with the select and proven tobacco leaf, grown with taste in mind and seeds carefully selected with teachings that have been brought down over many generations and a surplus knowledge in the agricultural process of growing a fine cigar tobacco leaf